Weichai Torch Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary with independent juridical person of Weicai Power Co.,LTD. It was established in 1961, incorporated into a limited liability company in 1993 and listed in Shenzhen stock Exchange market.
Weichai Torch Technology Co., Ltd is the largest and leading manufacturer of spark plug, ignition coil and cable as ignition system in China. It has 1500 employees and Its main product Torch brand spark plugs have 21 lines and more than 200 models which are widely applied for automotives, motorcycles, small gasoline engines. Torch has the advanced technology and rich experience to manufacture high quality with value added products such as platinum spark plugs, iridium-platinum spark plugs, multi-ground electrode spark plugs, V-cut center-electrode spark plugs, surface-sparking plugs, Nickel copper spark plug, V-groove center-electrode spark plugs, etc.