PIN365-The Name implies the underlying mantra of today’s industry success that is integrally tied to the future: powering ideas and networking. Our magazines are tyre trends and motoring trends. Tyre trends is dedicated to informing the industry and public about current and future developments in the global transportation sector with particular focus on tyre industry. It will include all aspects of product marketing,  market trends, scientific research & breakthrough in manufacturing, R&D in product design, automation, developmenttt and use of innovative raw materials, product testing, and analysis of the impact on the tyre, economic policies, international trade, rereading, as well as dealer network. motoring trends will focus on the entire spectrum of the automotive industry in india and around the world. As per its tagline: powering the mobility eco-system, it will cover the entire mobility eco-system by giving an in-depth information on the current trends and the future trends of the automotive industry in different sections such as top moves, two wheelers, cars, commercial vehicles, components, aftermarket, cover story,  technology, research & development, off road and around the world etc.