The foundation stone of DGC (Dholakiya Group of Companies) was laid way back in the year 1977 when its founder Mr. Dilip Dholakiya who is basically from a very small village named as “Vinchiya” in Saurashtra, Gujarat opened a partnership firm called as “Apco Clutch Centre” in Delhi. With merely an annual Turnover of only Rs. 10000/-, the firm was in a business of selling Clutch plate in retail as well as wholesale market. As the year gone by, the firm started whole selling its clutch plates in the brand name of “VAP” not only in Delhi but also to other parts of the country. With the rise in business and with the view to expand the business arm, the younger brother Mr. Bhavesh Dholakiya and Mr. Mehul Dholakiya came in to join Mr. Dilip Dholakiya in the existing firm to learn and diversify this business. The firm not only started but expands its wings in the field of Commercial vehicle market by way of procuring and selling all kinds of Parts for the Japanese brand vehicles like Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota and Nissan.

In the Year 1982, the group started its new setup in Mirzapur area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat with the name “Apco Motors” as a partnership firm. The business and way of operation was same as of its Delhi office and this firm was covering Complete Gujarat area for selling its products.

As the year passes by the other 2 younger brothers Mr. Minesh Dholakiya and Mr. Jignesh Dholakiya joined hands with their elder brothers and started a new era in the history of DGC. The group has started a new partnership firm in Delhi named as “Vinu Auto Parts” and another firm in Rajkot named as “Arihant Auto Parts”. The group also started exporting the goods to Gulf and African countries in the firm name of “Arihant Exporters”.